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Winter Wonderland

Watch Melanie and Matt Dusk perform "Winter Wonderland" on their ukuleles while on the 2013 CPR Holiday Train. 

Summer Fun

Hey there!

I’m enjoying a great summer so far. Can’t wait to play shows in Halifax and Truro. I haven't played at home since my stint in War Horse so I’m pretty excited. Jennifer Foster will be playing a set at the Halifax show with Peter King (awesome!) so don’t miss them.

Mike will be flying in for the shows with me and we’ll be zipping to St. John’s for a day just before our gigs to play in Sabrina Whyatt’s band at a country festival there. Should be a fun day. She is great and St. John’s is always a good idea.

Launching has been a major endeavour and if you are a teacher or grew

"The Stupider I Am" Music Video

Watch Melanie's new music video for "The Stupider I Am" and get “The Emerald City” on iTunes now. 

Melanie on The Agenda: Teaching Kids Music

Watch Melanie's interview on The Agenda with Steve Paikin and learn more about her Ukulele In The Classroom program.